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To mark the start of baseball season, Fine Tuning compiled a playlist of the Top 25 MLB Walk-Up Songs. Why 25? Because that’s the number of players on an active MLB roster, of course. See which players and teams have the best taste in music (and which team has the worst).

Creating a Top Ten Rolling Stones playlist was no easy feat. For days I was wracked with indecision to the point of paralysis as I pondered the question of what self-respecting Stones fan would snub “Street Fighting Man”?

Not only has the Streaming Age eliminated our ability to give albums and CDs as gifts, but we are now living in a world without mixed tapes. This week’s Playlist features songs from the embarrassingly-sappy “Matt-in-Mourning” mixed tape I made for my now-wife when she went to Europe for a summer during college.

A Top Ten playlist of the best rock ‘n’ roll cover songs, according to a painstaking methodology I have developed over the years. With one notable exception, these are either excellent versions of obscure tracks or completely revamped classics.